OpenView HD: A new world of Satellite Television

Do you enjoy watching TV? Do you want to escape into the world of adventures or join the characters in your favourite soapies? With clear pictures that offer top quality viewing across South Africa it is easy to see why buying a HD decoder is a popular option. When it comes to Satellite TV South Africa has a wide range of different options and finding a satellite dish for sale has many advantages. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know about having Openview HD in your home.


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OpenView in South Africa

Platco Digital launched Open View in South Africa during 2013. This was an exciting opportunity for South Africans to have access to top quality entertainment. Initially there were more than 10 channels which has since then grown to over 18.

Open View HD gives you the opportunity to watch your favourite local programs in HD. This includes SABC and eTV. The OpenView HD Channels are tailored to meet the requirements of local viewers and the price was also set with local budgets in mind. The Openview HD price ranges from R399 for a decoder to R1200 for a decoder and dish. When you purchase a satellite and decoder for R1200 the price includes installation costs.

How to get Open View HD

You may be wondering what you need to enjoy the OVHD channels. The first step is to purchase Open View HD. You can buy a HD decoder from stores across the country. If you don’t already own one, you will also need to find a satellite dish for sale.


Image Source: OpenView HD Website.

Next you will need to contact an installer to set up your satellite dish and decoder. Once your decoder has been activated you can enjoy a wide range of OVHD channels.

Advantages of OpenView HD Channels

There are plenty of advantages to OpenView HD. You only pay once and there are no monthly fees. You can enjoy over 18 channels which offer both local and international content. The excellent picture quality is another advantage to Overview HD.

Culture and Lifestyle channels include Wild TV and ASTV Africa. There are a variety of religious channels to choose form. Kruiskyk TV offers encouraging messages, music and lifestyle shows.

If you enjoy movies, then eMovies is the perfect channel for you. From adventure to comedies, there is a range of genres which suit the requirements of a diverse range of viewers. Not only is this channel great for adults it also offers entertainment for children.

Mindset is a great educational channel for children. While your children are kept entertained they can learn at the same time. From mathematics to everyday lifeskills, there is plenty to learn with Mindset.


Image Source: OpenView HD Twitter.

OpenView HD has expanded in South Africa. During 2013 Open View HD was purchased by 50 000 viewers. Since then it has grown from an average of 3500 box sales per month to 26 000 box sales per month. As the number of viewers increases more content is being added. Consumer research has ensured that new channels are guided by what their audience wants to see.

Now that you know how easy it is to get OpenView HD you can join in the fun by finding a decoder and satellite dish for sale. In no time you will be watching some of the best local content as well as international shows. Selling your decoder or satellite? Place your FREE AD on now!

OpenView HD: A new world of Satellite Television
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OpenView HD: A new world of Satellite Television
OpenView HD gives you the opportunity to watch your favourite local programs in HD. This includes SABC and eTV.
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