Essentials you can’t do without when going on a picnic

Are you going on a picnic? It’s a fun activity your whole family can enjoy. Once you have decided on a location and invited a couple of friends to join you, the next step is to start packing. At the heart of an enjoyable day out in nature is a good picnic basket packed full of delicious food. If you’re wondering what you’ll need to make the day as fun as possible, read our blog post for a list of things you can’t do without.

Picnic baskets

1. A picnic basket!

A lightweight picnic basket is essential to your outdoor meal. While you may want to opt for the traditional wicker basket to carry your food in, you could also use a backpack or a tote bag. The option you choose depends on the number of guests you’re catering for and how much food you want to pack. Whether you’re getting to your picnic spot on foot or in a car also makes a difference. Backpacks are great if you want to stop for lunch in a beautiful spot after a long hike. Specialised backpacks offer you an insulated compartment for food as well as useful accessories.

2. A blanket

A picnic blanket is key to your outdoor adventure. Make sure that the blanket is big enough to fit all your plates of food on and that there is plenty of room for people to sit. If you’re packing for a larger group, you may want to take a few blankets along. Choose a light blanket that can be folded and transported comfortably.

3. Entertainment

Games add excitement to your day out in nature. If you’re aiming for a relaxing day outdoors, pack a book so that you can take some time out for reading. A board game is a great source of fun for the whole family and a pack of cards enables you to play a diverse range of games without adding much weight to your picnic basket. For the more energetic picnic goers, you can pack a soccer ball or cricket set.

Picnic essentials

4. Picnic extras

When it comes to picnic ideas, a few accessories make all the difference. A corkscrew and a bottle opener are must-haves for any picnic basket. Wet wipes add convenience to your outings as they can be used to clean your hands before and after you eat even if there’s no clean water around. Once all your food is packed, you’re not done yet. Include salt and pepper so that everyone can season their favourite picnic dishes perfectly. Throw in some paper towels so that you can clean up any spills and messes.

A handy trick is to include a tray in your basket so that you have a flat surface to place drinks on regardless of whether the ground is uneven or not. A folding knife, serving spoon and rubbish bag make great picnic extras. Reduce your impact on the environment by packing re-usable plastic cups and plates. Plastic cups and plates are great for picnics because they don’t break easily and they’re an environmentally friendly option when compared to polystyrene variations. You may choose to pack finger food but if you’ve included other types of dishes, you’ll need to take some utensils along.

5. Food and snacks

No picnic is complete without an exciting assortment of snacks. Iced tea is a refreshing drink that is sure to be a hit at any picnic. For those colder days, you can pack a flask of tea or coffee. When you’re choosing food, make sure you pick snacks that are easy to transport. For something more extravagant than a cheese and tomato sandwich, try a steak and blue cheese variation. Try making your own granola bars for a healthy and convenient snack.

Picnic with Junk Mail

Now that you’re feeling inspired with our picnic ideas, you can start planning your next outdoor adventure. With the right basket and accessories, your whole family can enjoy a fun day outside.

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Are you going on a picnic? It’s a fun activity your whole family can enjoy. Read our blog post for a list of things you can’t do without.
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