Poll: Samsung VS Apple

Everywhere you go you’ll find people who are die-hard Samsung fans and then you have the die-hard Apple fans. You’ll have a hard time convincing one that the other is better for him or her, and these conversations and heavily steamed debates happen daily.


You decide who the overall winner is…

Time to fight – Not physically, but intellectually. Short of giving you a ring and a pair of phones as gloves, we are now giving you, the user an opportunity to vote for either Samsung or Apple here on our blog. The time has come to crown a winner in the Samsung VS Apple fight (Please note this is not Android VS Apple’s iOS)  and you, the masses will be the judge. The one with the most amount of votes after 7 days will be crowned as the Junk Mail victor in the Apple versus Samsung fight that has been going on for quite a long time now. You don’t need to own a Samsung or Apple device in order to vote, you just have to decide which is better than the other.  So come on people, vote for the one in our poll beneath that you want to be victorious and be sure to spread the word so that your friends and family can have a share in the overall battle. And be sure to check out our Junk Mail Facebook page as we’ll be sharing a couple of memes when it comes to Samsung VS Apple.

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