The Most Popular Cars for Sale In South Africa

cars_for_sale_in_Johannesburg_South-AfricaTo anybody looking for cars for sale, please read on as I have complied a list of the most popular cars for sale in Johannesburg. It’s an interesting list to say the least as it’s in no way a list of the best cars in the world, they are merely the best cars for South Africans. It’s an eclectic mix and will have a car that each and every South African can drive and would love.

VW Polo and Polo Vivo

Personally, I can’t see why VW South Africa felt the need to bring out two different cars, one Polo was more than enough, but two, that’s just ridiculous. In my eyes, both cars are exactly the same, barring a few minor cosmetic changes such as the wing mirrors (I know, a major change right?) but apart from that, it’s hard to see the difference. They both come with nippy little engines, both have enough room for a small family or a group of friends and both are as reliable as, well every piece of German engineering ever.

Toyota Hilux

South African’s love a bakkie, they just do. Our country is one of the few places on earth where it makes sense. If you saw a bakkie driving around, let’s say London, you may be tempted to climb out of your car, point your finger at the driver and mock him mercilessly. But here, they just make sense. They’re big enough for the whole family as well as the dogs, and the Toyota reliability will mean they will never break down. For South Africans, they are the perfect vehicle which is why there are so many sold here every day.

Ford Ranger

Another competitor in the bakkie category, the Ford Ranger has made it on to this list because the Toyota needed some competition. Personally, I think the Ford is the better bakkie, but stats have shown that the Toyota constantly outsells the Ranger. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with advertising. As far as I can see, both cars are equally brilliant with a variety of engines, lots of space, reliability and the ever important functionality that only a bakkie can provide.

Ford Figo

This has made it on to the list of South Africa’s most popular cars because of its many uses, it’s incredibly cheap price (when compared to other vehicles in its class) and the dedication that Ford has to its customers. Of course, it really is a brilliant little car with a nippy and incredibly fuel efficient range of engines, tons of space.(this is a scheme apparently)
It really is, the complete package.

Renault Sandero

Usually, a French made car wouldn’t make it on to any list that wasn’t completely comprised of the most unreliable cars in the world. Now though, Renault has brought out a car that can happily compete with the likes of the Ford Figo in the small car market. So much so that it has bumped Ford’s main rival, Opel, off the list and into the unknown. Like the Ford, it’s very cheap and because it’s made in South Africa, is incredibly reliable. It can also fit a small family, in complete comfort and is safe enough to survive a head on collision with a smile on its face. Like the Figo, it really is the complete car.

Go Buy One

If you’re looking for a new car, I would highly recommend any of the ones on the list above. They are all different in terms of price range and usage but they are all brilliant in their own right. If you’ve made up your mind and want to buy one, you’ll be able to find all the models in the Cars for Sale section of the Junk Mail website.

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