Riaan Cruywagen Announces Retirement

Most South Africans that have watched the Afrikaans news on SABC television probably know who Riaan Cruywagen is. In case you did not know, this veteran newsreader actually joined the SABC way back in 1965 (on a part time basis whilst studying at the University of Stellenbosch).

Riaan Cruywagen first worked as a radio announcer at the SABC (for the first 10 years). He read his first TV bulletin on the 26th of November 1975. Over the years he also gained fame for his voice talents on two children’s television shows: “Haas Das Se Nuuskas” and “Liewe Heksie”. Both of these shows were created by Louise Smit (who was also behind “Wielie Wielie Walie”, “Pumpkin Patch” and “Kideo”).

Cruywagen has become a symbol of popular culture in South Africa. He’s made appearances in films like “Stander” and “Short ‘n Sweet” (featuring him in his familiar role as a SABC newsreader) and in a music video for South African artist Jan Blohm.  In the mid 2000’s Riaan Cruywagen was also the subject  of a number of e-mail and internet jokes which originally referred to Chuck Norris and David Hasselhoff but were modified by using his name in their place.

Over the years he’s received the Afrikaans Icon Award from the ATKV, an Excellence in TV News Presentation award by the community of Rustenburg, a furtherance of Afrikaans Culture Award from the Rapportryers, an Excellence in Radio and TV News Presentation Award from the Community of Randburg and an award for best male TV presenter from the Edgars Club.

To give you an idea of how hip Riaan Cruywagen has become over the years, check out this video below featuring a promo that Riaan Cruywagen did for the 33rd Annual Loerie Awards:

Last week Riaan Cruywagen announced his retirement after 47 years of loyal service at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He will be reading his television news report on the 26th of November 2012 (exactly 37 years after he read his first TV news bulletin). Tune in on this day, don’t miss the last TV news report by the legend that is Riaan Cruywagen!

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