African Tails: Saving Our Street Dogs

A while back I did a post on The Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day; the post reached a few people and the day also turned out a huge success! I like to think that every bit helps and that my post contributed to a few extra people caring.

Ideally I would like to write about an organisation each week and spread the never ending word of help for these animals no matter how big or small!

Animal organisations are non-profitable charities and require help from fostering animals, to just providing them with a box of washing powder!

This week I’ve decided to start with African Tails– I saw an unsettling photo on Facebook which lead to this post!

No one likes to see or even acknowledge the horror of Animal Abuse or Neglect but truth be told if everyone just turned the other way to protect themselves what will happen to those in need? And I’m not just talking animals here…

Now, African Tails is a Cape Town, Western Cape based organisation. They don’t have a shelter facility and depend on foster homes in and around Cape Town for help to do their thing.

African tails started back in 2006 and is run by 3 full-time employees. Their love for animals and vision to put a stop to the over-populating and suffering of dogs is what drives them. They mainly operate in Cape Town’s townships and more specifically in Du Noon, Joe Slovo and Eerste Rivier. At the moment a total of 150 township dogs rely on daily feeding from African Tails.

Their mission? The ever increasing number of stray dogs adds to the cycle of abuse and suffering. African tails focuses on Sterilization, Rescue and Rehoming, as well as Feeding as an incentive for people who sterilise their animals.

They try and do weekly to monthly sterilisations in these townships, and have sterilised over 1000 dogs- which might not seem like much to you, but do I need to remind you how many pups can come from one mommy or how regularly?

They also educate the urban public about sterilisation and the positive attributes it has as well as responsible animal care.

A total of 300 puppies and dogs from townships have been rescued and rehomed providing them with a second chance at life.

I realise times are tough and we don’t always have the option to donate money, but please remember just as any other pet or organisation they need other things such as kennels, food, and most importantly foster homes!

Anything else is also welcome; medical supplies help with equipment or services, volunteers, blankets or simply just spreading the word to someone who could help!

African tails is part of the PayFast Cause Directory where you can safely and securely donate online. All Causes are verified and they need to be registered to receive donations through PayFast; please make a donation to African Tails via PayFast.

Remember when it comes to someone being in desperate need there is no such thing as a too little donation. Every bit helps, be part of saving a life!

For more information about African tails and how you can get involved please visit their Facebook page!

If you know of any other organisations that could use with some extra exposure please tell us in a comment below!

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