Take on the unconquerable with mountain bikes

With the right mountain bikes you can take on the toughest terrains and ride off victorious. It needs gruesome training and the perfect bicycle can make it a lot more fun. If you are interested in getting into off-road cycling, there are plenty of mountain bikes for sale on Junk Mail to help get you started.

Junk Mail looks at the sometimes confusing difference between mountain and road bikes. The difference in appearance is obvious in most cases, but what are the differences for? We will also look at a few brands and their mountain bikes.

off road bikes

Road and Mountain Bikes

Off-road on a mountain bike will sometimes get you 5 metres in the air, dropping fast. Only to land on an uneven rough surface. So they are built for massive shock absorption and traction, for the best harsh terrain experience.

These bikes are designed with difficult off-road terrain in mind, so manufacturers heavily focused on durability and control on those unpredictable surfaces. Because the bikes get a lot of beating, it is never a bad idea to have a look at the second hand bikes available on Junk Mail.

Their wheels are built wide and covered with knobs for better control on sandy surfaces, serious traction on rocky uneven plains. The frames are made from steel, titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre. Modern mountain bikes for sale have very sophisticated dual suspension technology, used to always keep the weight of the rider centered between both the front and rear wheels.

With the intentions of control, precision and reliability, mountain bicycles use disk brakes. Placed near the centre of the wheels, these can be trusted in wet and muddy courses. Their purpose is for better control than it is for strength.

The road bikes are built with speed and even surfaces in mind. Unlike the mountain bicycles with suspensions, the frame of a road bike is stiff, built with lightweight materials mostly carbon fibre. Their frames can also be built from titanium and aluminium, a great road bicycle weighing on average 7kg.

The handlebars/drop bars are designed to position the rider with aerodynamics in mind. Lowering their position and allowing better power transferal. The tyres in contrast of the off-road bikes, are narrow and run on high pressure to reduce traction.

Before we get started on some of the brands available in South Africa, remember that you can find quality second hand mountain bikes for sale on Junk Mail.

Raleigh Mountain Bikes

Raleigh has been in the bike business for a number of years, 129 years to be specific. One of the world’s most known bike brands, their bicycles range from children to adult bikes – bikes meant for leisure to mountain bikes and everything in between.

Alpine 2.2

raleigh mountain bike for sale

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

This is one of the minimal products from Raleigh mountain bikes, with the classic main frame made of steel. The front and rear wheels are fitted with rubber V brakes and Shimano TZ51 21 speed rear derailleur. The rims are made of aluminium and also feature a kickstand. These bikes cost R 1 099 or can be found second hand on Junk Mail.

Vapor FRS

raleigh vapor frs

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

This model is priced at R 3199. It is a 29” dual suspension mountain bike which is suitable for adult men and women. This unisex bike offers 21 speeds and Shimano disc brakes. It has a 3 piece crank as well as aluminium frame and rims.

Totem Mountain Bikes

A reputable brand when it comes to bicycles for sale, Totem also offers great mountain bikes. To introduce you to what is on offer here, we’ve highlighted two models.

Totem CX100 Mountain Bike

totem cx100 for sale

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

Even though this bicycle for sale goes for R 1 199, one can always find one amongst the second hand bikes for sale on Junk Mail. With a very basic steel frame mounted on aluminium rims and fitted with V brakes, it runs on a 21 speed gear mechanism and a 3 piece crank, and is considered to be a male bicycle.

Totem CX400 FRS Mountain Bike

totem for sale

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

Unlike its sibling mentioned above, the CX400 has a dual suspension frame, fitted with disk brakes and considered a unisex bike. The bike has a steel frame on aluminium rims, 21 speed gear system and a 3 piece crank like the CX100. The price on this bike is around R 1 999.

Convinced that it is time for an upgrade? Sell your old bicycle on Junk Mail by placing your free ad online.

Mountain bikes from Volcan

If you are looking for mountain bikes for sale, opting for a model from Volcan might work out great for you.

Volcan Strata

volcan strata for sale

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

At the price of R 8 499, you could buy yourself this mountain bike with a frame and rims built from aluminium and fitted with a Suntour 3 piece crank. You’ll get a 27 speed system with Shimano gears. This model leaves the Vee brakes and instead has the hydraulic disc brakes.

Other features include front Rockshox suspension for a more controlled ride.

Volcan Tephra

At a much lower price of R 5 499, this 27.5 inch wheels bike could be yours. Frame and rims made of aluminium, the front fork making room for suspension by Suntour. Shimano used the 3 piece crank and the gears for these mountain bikes. Hydraulic disc brakes were also used for the bike.

Scott Mountain Bikes

A well-known brand with both on and off road cycles, we have highlighted two Scott mountain bikes that might interest you.

Scott Contessa Scale 720

scott contessa

Image Source: Cycle Lab South Africa Website.

This Scott bike is unique, the frame made from light alloy steel and shaped in a way only found with the Constessa line of the Scott Mountain bikes. Front Rock Shox suspensions were used. The front, rear derailleurs, shifters, cassette and hydraulic disc brakes, all from the brand Shimano. This make is considered to be for ladies. Another cool feature on these bikes is the PopLoc lockout technology, which allows you to adjust the suspensions. For 16 499.99 you could find yourself riding away with this beauty.

Though this is a rather high price tag, you can find great second hand bikes by visiting www.JunkMail.co.za.

Scott Aspect 770 650B

scott aspect mountain bikes

Image Source: Cycle Lab South Africa Website.

This 2017 model is priced at R 7 599.99. Its lightweight design and efficiency make it stand out. If you are on a budget but still want to ride a quality bike, this model is a good choice. These mountain bikes are well-suited to men who are beginner cyclists. The Scott Aspect 770 is equipped with hardtail suspension and 650B wheels. It has an aspect 700/900 series frame with tektro SCM-02 mech. disc brakes.

Mountain bikes from the KTM brand

Always ready to race, KTM also offers a range of mountain bikes for you to choose from.

KTM Chicago

Whether you want to go cycling at the park or you intend to tackle beginner trails, the R 9 499.99 for the KTM Chicago 29” mountain bikes is an excellent investment. This model features a 24 speed gear system as well as disc brakes. The frame of the bike is available in orange or black. This 2017 model is designed for men. It has a hardtail suspension and 29 inch wheels.

KTM Aera Comp

ktm aera comp

Image Source: Cycle Lab South Africa Website.

For more experienced riders, the Area Comp from KTM for R 24 999.99 is a great choice. The bike features a great number of brand specific ads on, like the Shimano derailleurs, shifters and cassette. RockShox Recon Silver front suspensions and Selle Italia saddle. For an ultra-light frame, carbon fibre was used, fitted with 29” wheels this model is considered ideal for a male rider.

These are just a few of the available mountain bikes to choose from. With more features, the bicycles get more expensive, though don’t yet disregard them because of the price. Depending on the level of course, some of these features will help make the experience a lot more pleasant.

If you are just starting out and looking for more affordable options, you can always check out the mountain bikes for sale on Junk Mail. With great second hand bikes to choose from, you are sure to find an off road monster for your next adventure.

Take on the unconquerable with mountain bikes
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Take on the unconquerable with mountain bikes
If you are interested in getting into off-road cycling, there are plenty of mountain bikes for sale on Junk Mail to help get you started.
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Junk Mail
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