The annual African Farmers Workshop and Expo is coming up

Farming in South Africa has always been one of the county’s main areas of expertise. South Africa’s favourable climate and nutrient rich soil makes it perfect for large scale agriculture. The industry employs about 1 million people, or 30% of the South African workforce, and is one of six countries in the world that is capable of exporting food on a regular basis. Farming in South Africa can be done with a variety of crops. We are one of the largest producers of a number of foods, like grapefruit, green maize and chicory roots. Due to the huge role South Africa plays in food production, finding the latest farming equipment and tractors for sale is a vital step in staying ahead in the food production industry in South Africa. The best way to keep up with developments in agriculture is to attend events like the African Farmers Workshop and Expo and the 3rd Annual Limpopo Agricultural Expo. We will now go into more details on each of these amazing agricultural events.


African Farmers Workshop and Expo: 18-20 August 2015 in Muldersdrift

The fifth annual African Farmers Workshop and Expo will take place at the Oakfield Farm, Muldersdrift. This is an interactive agricultural show that aims to promote and empower the emerging African farmers of South Africa. It seeks to help those who are interested in farming in South Africa with training, skills development and opportunities available in the South African agricultural industry.


The secondary function is to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors. The organisers want to bring the expertise and know-how of the commercial farmers to private South African farmers. This will be achieved through talks and information that will be available at the Expo.


Many big companies and organisations will also be there. These Companies will showcase their farm equipment for sale in South Africa and all the knowledge that goes along with it. These products will range from basic farming tools to tractors for sale.

This year the Excellence in Farming Awards are also being held at this event. They will award and honour all the key players in South Africa’s agricultural sectors. You may even be able to speak to some of these interesting people and pick their brains on how they can help you.


If you are farming in South Africa or just interested in this industry, you can’t afford to miss out on this event. You will get vital information on everything agriculture and maybe even find yourself some new farming equipment for sale.

Footage from the Expo held in 2011:

Limpopo Agricultural Expo: 8-10 September 2015 in Tzaneen

The third annual Limpopo Agricultural Expo will be taking place from 8 September to 10 September 2015 at the Tzaneen Showgrounds.

The expo will have an indoor and outdoor component with a livestock breeders section and a number of informative workshops. These activities provide a platform for emerging farmers, commercial farmers and other key players in the agricultural sector to learn from each other.


Not only will there be a lot of information on farming in South Africa at the event, but there will be many people showcasing agricultural farming equipment and tractors for sale.

The objectives of this particular expo are to promote and empower farmers in Limpopo and the surrounding areas and to create a platform where the key role players in farming come together under one roof.


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  1. Ed Austin says:

    I have this thing about handcarts, or I should say the lack of handcarts in remote rural areas of most African countries, at both the subsistence and commercial farming levels. I liken it to supermarkets not having shopping carts.
    Do you know why handcarts are virtually absent in many areas where they could be most beneficial and useful.?
    Is it simply because suitable handcarts are not available, therefore there is no demand for them?
    Whatever the reason, I would very much appreciate your opinion, and that of the farmers.

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