How an Air Compressor works

Whether you are doing DIY around your home or you run a workshop, owning a compressor can be a valuable asset. When it comes to finding an air compressor for sale, there are a variety of brands and types to choose from. One option is Ingersoll rand air compressors. You could also choose Kaeser compressors. Knowing more about the different options can help you to make an informed decision. Understanding how an air compressor works is also advantageous. You can sell your equipment or find a compressor for sale on Junk Mail.


Air compressors transform power into potential energy which is stored in the form of compressed air. The machinery can be powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine. Another common source of power is a gasoline engine.  The machinery works by pushing air into the storage tank. As the amount of air in the tank increases, the pressure is increased. Once the tank has reached its maximum capacity the air compressor switches off. The compressed air is stored until it is required for usage. An air compressor has many different functions and can be an advantageous piece of equipment to own.


Air compressors can be categorised by the amount of pressure that they exert when in use. Low-pressure models are those which have a pressure of 150 psi or lower. Medium air compressors fall in the range of 151 psi to 1000 psi. High pressure models exceed 1000 psi.

Air compression methods are split into two kinds, namely positive-displacement and negative displacement. Positive-displacement compressors operate by pushing air into a chamber which is decreased in size to compress the air. There are various kinds of positive-displacement compressors. This includes the piston-type models which move the air with pistons. A one-way valve allows the air into the chamber. Rotary screw compressors also fall under this category. They function by matching helical screws which are turned to let air into the chamber. As the screws rotate the volume of the chamber is decreased. Vane compressors operate using a slotted rotor which has differentiated blade placements. The rotor allows the air to enter the chamber where the volume of the chamber is decreased so that the air becomes depressed. Centrifugal compressors are an example of negative displacement models. A spinning impeller is used to speed up and slow down air in the chamber which functions to compress the air. Air compressors require a cooling system to prevent the build-up of heat. Air, water or oil can be used in the cooling system.

Ingersoll rand air compressors

Air compressors have numerous functions which include powering tools such as jackhammers. Compressors are also used to fill gas cylinders or car tires. Divers can also make use of equipment which utilises air compressors. The construction and industrial sector use air compressors.

When you are choosing an air compressor, check the amount of power that it delivers as well as the size of its tank. This will help you to pick a model that meets your requirements. Gas or diesel powered compressors are advantageous in rural areas or regions that have a disrupted supply of electricity. This is a particularly important consideration due to load shedding. The drawback of these models is that they are noisy. Another disadvantage is that they emit fumes so it is essential to ensure the area that they are used in is well ventilated. Electric models are typically used in garages and production lines.


There are a variety of brands to choose from on the South African market. ABAC air compressors are a reputable brand of air compressors that are available for sale in South Africa. FSFM import as well as distribute this brand which allows South Africans easy access to reliable air compressors and parts. Their extensive range of products and accessibility across the nation add to their appeal. Whether you are looking for piston compressors for small jobs or screw compressors for industrial work, you can find what you are looking for with ABAC. SA Air Compressors is one of the top local air compressor distributers. As well as selling equipment they also offer expert assistance with technical problems. This includes repairs, certifications and maintenance. Adendorff Machinery distributes Mac-Afric products which includes durable air compressors. From DIY applications to workshop usage, Mac-Afric products have a range of purposes. Their quality products and reliable service make them a suitable option if you are looking for an air compressor.


Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, take a look at the air compressors which are for sale on Junk Mail.

  • Air Pop Riveter

An Air Pop Rivetor is available for R2000. It is suitable for industrial applications. The air pop riveter is in good condition and it is the Lobster UK brand.


  • Trade Air Compressor

A Trade Air Compressor is available for R 1399 in Johannesburg. It is a 50 litre model and in good working condition.


  • Hobby Craft Air Compressor

Priced at R1799 you can find a Hobby Craft air compressor for sale on Junk Mail. This 50 litre model is in good working condition.


If you are looking for an air compressor for sale, the first step is to assess which model will best meet your requirements. Once you have established what you are looking for, you can browse Junk Mail to find a compressor for sale that best matches your requirements. Selling your compressor? Place your free ad on today!



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