The LeapFrog Epic kids tablet and other educational toys and games

There is no doubt that educational toys and devices are a great way for kids to play, learn and maybe even pick up a couple of new skills. With parents’ access to fun and fabulous toys, kits and books, there is something for every age and interest. LeapFrog is one of the popular manufacturers of smart, interactive toys, the LeapFrog Epic a star among its peers.

Remember to check out the deals listed on Junk Mail to find an affordable LeapFrog tablet for sale that will keep your curious ones engaged and learning new things. If you are not that into LeapFrog and the tablets for kids they have on offer, you can also opt for a normal Android tablet, but more on that a little later in this post.

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Why educational toys for kids?

Today parents have tons of quality educational toys to choose from, each developed for different ages that teach different skills and stimulate children in different ways. From simple puzzle games to the more advanced at home science experiment kits and electronic devices like those offered by LeapFrog, parents can ‘play smart’.

Some of the important functions and skills these types of toys are able to focus on through play include social skills like sharing and exploring. The progression of cognitive skills are also listed as one of the benefits, helping children with problem solving, colour recognition and even memory.

Educational toys are also said to help children with the development of motor skills, talking and language, and even with the development of logic, creativity and imagination. While there might be some overstatements from some toys’ abilities to teach, always keep in mind that fun, interactive and creative games and toys that keep children engaged while teaching them something cool, can’t do any harm.

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Learning through play is a fun way for children to learn new concepts, play with friends and experience new things. Fun science kits, smartphone and tablet apps that teach about animals and the sounds they make, spelling games and puzzles are all toys and games that can help your children learn through play.

The LeapFrog Epic

Suitable for kids from the ages of three up to nine, the LeapFrog Epic has a seven inch, multi-touch capacitive screen with a 1 024 by 600 resolution and runs on the 4.4 Android operating system with a quad-core processor.

Weighing in at only 0.91 kilogrammes these tablets for kids has a 2 MP front and back camera, an SD slot, video recording functionality, a 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage space. This tablet also comes with a Stylus for aiding in the development of finer motor skills.

These smart tablets for sale also open web access (with parent controls and safe web browsing), six hours of battery life as well as Bluetooth functionality.

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Some of the games and apps on the LeapFrog Epic include Story Spinner, Word of the Day, Alphabet Stew, Pet Chat and Stretchy Monkey 2: Big City Hijinks. Along with your tablet you also get a couple of demo games as well as your choice of one downloadable app.

What makes these games great is that there are no in-app purchases or advertising. The LeapFrog Epic has a starting price of around R 1 900.

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Other LeapFrog tablets and games

LeapFrog offers a range of educational games and toys to choose from. In terms of hardware, you can choose the LeapFrog Epic or look at the other options also available locally. The LeapFrog LeapPad is another range that you can choose from.

The LeapPad range includes the LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad Ultra XDI, LeapPad2 Power, the LeapPad3 and the LeapPad Platinum. Another option is going for the LeapsterGS Explorer. LeapFrog also has a unique set of apps and games for these hardware options that can be purchased online and downloaded. This can be done by buying an App Centre Download Card from places like TakeALot and Prima Interactive.

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Along with accessories for all the smart devices from the brand, LeapFrog also manufactures other educational toys. LeapReader is one of the many cool toys and devices to choose from. With books that range from Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol and an Interactive Human Body Discover Set, to flashcards, a Solar System Discovery Set and various interactive reading games, this is a cool educational toy for kids aged four to eight.

Cool Android apps and games for kids

If you would rather like to find tablets for sale that doesn’t tie you to specific brands, Android tablets are also a good idea. With the Google Play Store having a dedicated Family section, there are tons of smart and fun app and game downloads to choose from.

With great free downloads from publishers like Disney, the subcategories available under Family include Creativity, Educational, Music & Video, Brain Games, Pretend Play and Action & Adventure. Sort through games by age and find the best games and apps for your kids.

Finding tablets for kids, you can take advantage of a great range of apps. Google developed the YouTube Kids App that is designed to keep the minds of curious little ones engaged. Music Maker apps are also quite popular options while the more adventurous can take on Disney’s Lon Guard, Lego’s Create and Cruise or Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas.

With cute, playful creatures to choose from, you can also engage kids with fun shapes and colour games, and a great selection of puzzle games. For kids aged between six and eight, you can choose from learning how to draw apps, pretend games, math and word games, and reading apps.

For the older children aged nine and up, more advanced apps and games are also available. From colouring games and brain teasers, to spelling, logic games, math and creativity apps, there is something for everyone.

Do note that the Google Play Store has various free and paid options, so keep an eye on those.

Whether you choose to opt for a LeapFrog Epic and other LeapFrog products, or rather want to find more affordable tablets for sale for your kids, modern technologies and cool manufacturers, developers and publishers have created a world of endless opportunities. Learn through play is fun for both children and parents, making it something definitely worth checking out.

If you are looking for a cool LeapFrog tablet for sale, check out the deals listed on Junk Mail. With great used products to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect educational toys for sale online without completely breaking the bank.

The LeapFrog Epic kids tablet and other educational toys and games
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The LeapFrog Epic kids tablet and other educational toys and games
There is no doubt that educational toys and devices are a great way for kids to play, learn and maybe even pick up a couple of new skills.
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