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If you didn’t know, Samsung pretty much releases a brand new Galaxy Smartphone every year with the launch of each Smartphone early in the year around March – April/May of every year. With the:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III (3) in May 2012
  • Samsung Galaxy S IV (4) in April 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy S V (5) in February 2014 (Supposedly)

When monitoring these dates one could note that it seems Samsung is pushing up the dates of launching their next Generation Smartphone earlier in the year, perhaps this is to generate enough excitement for the Samsung Galaxy Note that comes out later that year round about September or October.

The Samsung Galaxy S5

The 5th Generation of the Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphone is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress today (24 February 2014) in Barcelona at 20:00 CET which is 21:00 in South African Standard time or Central African Time.

A lot of excitement around this next gen Smartphone has been generated because of what Samsung has suggested about it. From what we hear Samsung has went back to the drawing board on this one because of the feedback they got on the Samsung Galaxy S4. A lot of people said that it felt and looked the same as the Galaxy S3 irrespective of the change in features on the software side of the phone. So it seems that Samsung is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen with the S5. For example the new Galaxy S5 may come in two versions namely the Standard and the Premium version, the Standard version is said to have a Full HD 1080p Display while the Premium version which may be called the “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime“ may have a massive 2k QHD display which is rumoured to launch a few months later from the Standard release of the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is also said to come in 2 different variants namely a plastic and metal finishing.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung launched another phone called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which was dust and waterproof. Samsung hints that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be rugged, water & dust proof on their Standard release of the Samsung Galaxy S5. iPhone 5s recently moved to 64bit architecture processor and we don’t think Samsung may want to stay behind for very long which probably leaves a possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may have a 64bit architecture CPU as well.
But probably the most exciting thing about the next gen Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is the rumours going around about the new user interface, which will be a break from at least 4 Generations of Touch Wiz on the S range of Samsung’s Galaxy S Smartphones. A popular leaker provided images of this “new“ UI which has a certain similarity to the new windows 8 UI which makes use of tiles.

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Are you a Samsung fanatic? Are you excited about the new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone? Be sure you don’t miss the Unpacked5 Event that will be at in Barcelona at the World Congress tonight at 20:00 CET or 21:00 in Standard South African time (SAST) / Central African Time (CAT).

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