The Toyota Tazz vs. The Toyota Tazz Sport

Trustworthy and affordable, the Toyota Tazz has proved to be a popular vehicle in South Africa. Catering to the transportation needs of South Africans, the Tazz offers excellent value for money. For motorists who prefer a more athletic design, the Toyota Tazz Sport is a great option. If you are trying to decide between the Toyota Tazz and Toyota Tazz Sport, it is advisable to review the similarities and differences of these two models.


The Tazz is perfect for the entry level market. Students enjoy driving the Tazz because it is both affordable and easy to maintain. With the minimal costs required for the upkeep of the Tazz, students who are on a tight budget can afford to own this vehicle.

Toyota-Tazz-Sports-for-sale Toyota-Tazz-Sport-For-Sale Toyota-Tazz-Sport-Engine Toyota-Tazz-Sport

Both Toyota Tazz (2003) models have 1.3 litre engines. The 1300 12-valve engine offers drivers a great performance. Both the Tazz and Tazz Sports model have an engine which delivers 55 kW of power at 6200 rpm with a torque of 103 Nm at 4200 rpm. Similarly, they both have a five-speed manual transmission. The Tazz has 155 SR13 tyres while the sports model has 5.5JJX14 alloy wheels as well as 175/65 TR14 tyres. Both models come with a spare wheel. The Tazz has rear drum brakes and disc front brakes. Other additional features that the sports model offers includes front mudflaps and window frame blackout. The athletic appearance of the exterior is enhanced by a rear spoiler which is mounted on the tailgate.

The exterior design of the Tazz is complemented by a bee-sting antenna and colour-coded bumpers. The Sports model offers motorists a slightly more athletic exterior. A back screen demister is a practical feature which both models are fitted with.

Toyota-Tazz's-For-Sale Toyota-Tazz-For-Sale Toyota-Tazz-Engine Toyota-Tazz

The interior of the Tazz is practically designed with cloth seat trims. The dynamic back seats can be folded down to create additional space. The Sports model’s interior is complemented by pattern inserts. The three spoke steering wheel is another feature of the Sports model.


The Tazz is protected against theft by an integral gearlock. VIN parts numbering offers extra protection. In addition to this, the Sports model has an alarm/immobiliser.

The Toyota Tazz is a well-known reliable and economical passenger car which makes it a popular vehicle on South African roads.

Tazz Tazz Sport
Tyres 155 SR13 5.5JJX14 alloy wheels
Mudflaps No Yes
Window frame Blackout No Yes
Rear Spoiler No Yes
Interior pattern inserts No Yes
Alarm/immobiliser No Yes

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