Tips for the Travelling DJ

DJ-turntablesBeing a DJ can be quite a tricky business, with bouncing crowds and loud music, it can be quite difficult to keep equipment safe and if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life looking for new CD players and Turntables for sale, I have some advice for you.

As enjoyable as being a DJ is, there are moments when your horribly expensive equipment comes into contact with a pulsating crowd of overly excited people. People that you’re busy entertaining and people that might have had one too many. To help you on the way to DJing greatness, I have prepared this quick guide for the travelling DJ.

Prepare Accordingly

Travelling DJ’s don’t really have that much time to set up so, if at all possible, you should pay a visit to the venue the day before so as to do a little recon. Make sure you plan where you can set up, find access to plugs and even, if you can, try drop your equipment off beforehand so you won’t have to lug all your equipment around on the day.


When you’re going to a gig, don’t travel with ‘naked’ gear. Make sure you have the correct packing cases, boxes for plugs and carry bags for all your important stuff. Many of the speakers you can buy come with cases, make sure you use them. They’re there to protect your stuff.


In all likeliness, you’re going to be among a pulsating crowd of music-hyped people that might, or might not, have had one too many. In all the excitement of your gig, things do tend to get damaged and if you’re not insured, you might end up having to replace expensive equipment. Also, it helps to have insurance when traveling, who knows what might happen on the way to the gig or when you’re unloading.


I know it might sound very un-DJ-ish, but trust me, a checklist or two, detailing all the equipment you took with you to the gig will come in very handy. At the end of a long night, forgetting things will be very easy, if you’ve made a checklist of things, you won’t forget anything and you will immediately notice if something has gone missing.

The Setup

Whenever possible, make sure your gear is far away from the crowds, and or, the floor. You’d be amazed at how often things get bumped or drinks get spilt on expensive speakers and mixers. If you have a laptop stand, use it. If you have a mixer stand, use it. Also, for any equipment that does have to sit on the floor, squares of foam will come in very handy.

Good Advice Is Not So Hard To Find

If you’re already a DJ, I’m sure my advice will come in handy and if you’re planning on becoming one and are looking for CD players, DJ mixers and turntables for sale in Pretoria, have a look at the ones advertised on Junk Mail. They have a wide variety of the best CD players and turntables for sale on their website.

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