Tips and Tricks for Maintaining your Vintage Car

Are you the proud owner of a vintage car? If you are serious about owning a classic car, it is important to know how to maintain your vehicle properly. By following a thorough maintenance plan you can keep your car in working order. Caring for your car properly will save you money on repairs as vintage cars will deteriorate if they are neglected. When it comes to vintage cars South Africa has a range of awesome vehicles on the market. Vintage cars for sale can be found online and at dealerships.


If your vintage car is in use and you have not prepared it for storage, it is important to drive the car regularly. Leaving it standing for extended periods can cause damage to your car. When you start your classic car give it some time to warm up before taking it onto the road. Once you have started driving it go slowly for the first few kilometres before attempting higher speeds. Driving the car has the important function of circulating the fluids and filtering out sediment from the engine. Warming up the exhaust system helps to get rid of moisture that can cause rust.


If you live in a humid region then it is advisable to place items that absorb moisture in your car. This reduces the chances of rust and stale odours. You should keep the interior and exterior of your car clean. Leather trims should be treated to keep them in good condition. A protective coating should be applied to the car’s paint. If your car is not being driven, it is essential to disconnect the battery. This will ensure that problems don’t develop while the car is being stored.


After your car has been kept in storage, it is important to check that everything is in working order before you take it out for a drive. The first step is to change the oil. New oil and a new filter will help to protect your engine.  Review the levels of fluid in your cooling system.


Make sure that the pressure in the tires is correct and check that the spare is in working condition. Inspect underneath your car for any leaks or damage. Once you have thoroughly inspected your car charge the battery and remove any covers that you put in place during storage.


Washing your car is an important part of any maintenance plan and vintage cars need extra care. It is important to wash your car by hand as automatic washes can cause damage. Use a soft sponge to clean your car along with gentle cleaning products. Soft chamois can be used to remove stubborn marks on your car. The chamois can also be used to dry your car. To ensure that your car is in pristine condition you can finish off with wax and polish.


With easy access to advice on maintaining your classic car, it is simple to keep your vehicle in working condition. Vintage cars for sale are sought after by car enthusiasts nationwide. Find great deals on

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