8 essential DIY power tools you need

Are there repair jobs that you need to complete around your home? With a set of the right power tools, fixing up your home is easy. From putting up shelves to hanging pictures, home improvement tasks are easy when you have the right equipment. Read our blog post to discover the essential power tools that everyone should own.

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Why should you invest in power tools?

While owning power tools require an initial investment, they save you money in the long run. Hiring a handyman every time you need to fix something can be costly. With the right tools, you can complete repair tasks yourself. A good set of tools adds convenience to household tasks. The flexibility of the tools available means that you can complete a broad range of tasks once you own the essential equipment. Problems in your home that are left unattended can escalate into bigger issues that are costly to fix. It’s preferable to address maintenance work efficiently. Repair and maintenance work is essential if you want to live in an attractive and comfortable home. A well-kept house also increases the value of your property.

Essential Power Tools For Your Home | Junk Mail

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These are the 8 essential DIY power tools you need:


Angle Grinders For Sale On Junk Mail

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1. Angle grinders

Angle grinders are handheld tools that can be used for cutting and polishing. Traditional models are used with abrasive discs, however, a broad selection of attachments enhance the capabilities of these power tools. The disc that is used for cutting can be replaced once it has become worn down. Some variations can be used for sanding when these tools are fitted with a sanding disc. When you’re choosing an angle grinder, you’ll need to consider the disc size as well as the power output of the motor. Pneumatic and electric variations are also available.


Circular Saws For Sale On Junk Mail

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2. Circular saws

Circular saws are a handy tool to own because they can be used to cut a range of materials. You can use your circular saw to cut anything from wood to plastic. These handheld saws are usually powered by electricity. To use your circular saw, you’ll need to clamp down the material that you’re cutting first. Once the material is secured, the saw can be moved across it. The advantage of using these saws is that they offer you straight and precise cutting.


Jigsaws For Sale On Junk Mail

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3. Jigsaws

When it comes to power tools, jigsaws are a must-have for anyone who enjoys DIY home projects. Compact 12-volt jigsaws are just the right size to shorten boards and to cut wood into shelves. These tools allow you to cut wood in a straight line easily and quickly. Don’t forget to change the blade to ensure your jigsaw is operating at maximum efficiency.


Welders For Sale On Junk Mail

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4. Welders

Welders are used to join materials. These tools are different from solders because they melt the metal base and make use of a filler material to create a joint. The aim of using a welder is that it produces strong connections between metals which make them difficult to break.



Hammer Drills For Sale On Junk Mail

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5. Hammer drills

Do you need to hang a picture or set up a bookshelf? Then a hammer drill is a useful addition to your power tool kit. This versatile piece of equipment comes in handy for a range of DIY tasks around the home. With a range of compact hammer drills available, it’s easy to store them in your toolbox. Bosch manufactures robust hammer drills that won’t let you down when you need to get difficult jobs done.


Cordless Drills For Sale On Junk Mail

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6. Cordless drills

The portability of cordless drills makes them an excellent investment. When you’re choosing a cordless drill, you’ll need to consider its battery life as well as its durability. The comfort that the design of the drill offers is another important consideration. Don’t forget to take safety into account when you buy a drill. You’ll need to purchase a set of drill bits so that you can use your drill for a range of tasks.


Planers For Sale On Junk Mail

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7. Planers

There are two main types of electric wood planers, namely handheld wood planers and bench top wood planers. Wood planers can be used for smoothing wood surfaces or producing pieces of wood that have the same thickness. You’ll need to consider the size and the weight of the electric wood planer when you’re deciding which variation to buy.



Cordless Multi-tools For Sale On Junk Mail

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8. Cordless multi-tool

A cordless multi-tool adds convenience to repair work. Their portability makes it simple to complete tasks wherever you need to without having to connect your multi-tool to a power supply. Investing in a multi-tool that has a long battery life is advantageous. You’ll also need a model that offers you varying levels of power and speed. This is important as different tasks require different levels of power for them to be completed at optimum efficiency. You can also consider the design and comfort levels of each model when you’re making your decision.


Now that you know more about what power tools you need, you can shop on Junk Mail for equipment that matches your requirements. Once you have the right tools, home repair and maintenance work is easy.

8 essential DIY power tools you need
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8 essential DIY power tools you need
Are there repair jobs that you need to complete around your home? With a set of the right power tools, fixing up your home is easy.
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