Vaccinate Your Pets Against Rabies

Following the occurrence of Rabies in Johannesburg, the Gauteng Provincial department of Agriculture and Rural development will be giving free rabies vaccines to pets. Pet owners are also urged to get their pets tested for the disease.

The free vaccines can be obtained at Marks Park in Emmerantia from 07:00 – 18:00 during 24-28 August .

It is legally compulsory for all domestic animals to be vaccinated against rabies, since it is a fatal disease. This is a viral disease that affects the brain. The disease is spread by animals through there saliva but can be transmitted to humans, if the human is bitten by an infected animal or gets saliva in their mouth, eyes or openings in the skin.

Two of the signs of rabbit dogs are unusual aggression and foaming at the mouth. If your pet gets bitten by another animal, take it to a vet immediately. If you get bitten wash the wound and seek immediate medical attention.

Citizens are advised to avoid stray and unfamiliar feral animals as well as pets displaying suspicious behavior.



You can also read more about rabies on Wikipedia

For more information contact:

Agriculture and Rural development / State Veterinary (011) 821 7700

Health Authorities (011) 921 2456.

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