10 Things you didn’t know about Porsche

When it comes to finding a Porsche for sale South Africa has a range of exclusive models to choose from. Porsche fanatics can find a Porsche 911 for sale at one of the dealerships in Umhlanga or Johannesburg. Here are some interesting facts about the Porsche brand you might not have known…


1. The Porsche 911 was first designed in 1963 for the racetrack.

Originally built to perform on the racetrack, the Porsche 911 has a distinctive identity. The latest 911 models continue the first generation’s legacy while incorporating innovative technology into its design.

2. Porsche has been victorious in more than 30,000 races.

Porsche’s reputation for manufacturing reliable and powerful vehicles is reflected in their success on the race track.


3. Four of the core elements of the Porsche’s design are sportiness, moderation, practicality and style.

Porsche models are manufactured with a focus on both sophistication and usability. While they are exclusive vehicles, they are still perfect for everyday use.


4. The first Porsche sports car was built by Ferdinand Anton Ernst who was also known as Ferry Porsche.

With the goal of achieving his dream of driving a compact and fuel efficient sports car, Ferdinand Anton Ernst created the first Porsche.

5. The Porsche brand is rooted in society. It strives to create vehicles which encompass an attainable dream.

Porsche is a distinctive brand which takes innovative designs to the next level. While exclusivity is synonymous with the Porsche brand, the vehicles are designed to be attainable for everyday use.


6. You can drive a Porsche in exotic locations around the world as part of the Porsche Travel Club.

The Porsche Travel Club has been running for more than 15 years. It offers motorists the opportunity to travel stunning routes in beautiful locations – a fabulous reason to find a Porsche 911 for sale.


7. You can organize a tailored event for your company as part of the Porsche Incentive Programme.

If you need to organize a business event for your employees or clients, Porsche offers exhilarating packages. Packages include seminars, product presentations, staff incentives and private functions.

8. You can create your own personalised dream vehicle with a Porsche Exclusive.

You can personalise your Porsche according to your own preferences. In accordance with your wishes, you can drive a more athletic and sophisticated Porsche model which was designed just for you.


9. You can learn more about Porsche’s history at the Porsche Museum.

If you are a Porsche fanatic, then you will be delighted by the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Not only can you learn more about the brand’s history but you can also get a close-up look at famous racing cars.


10. Porsche is committed to manufacturing social and environmentally responsible vehicles.

Porsche uses cutting edge technology to design vehicles which offer both a powerful performance and a reduced fuel consumption. Production is designed to use methods which conserve natural resources.


If you are looking for a Porsche for sale South Africa has more than its fair share. From a Porsche 911 for sale to a Cayenne and Panamera, you will find it on Junk Mail. Selling your Porsche? Place your free ad on Junk Mail.

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5 Responses

  1. Eugene Barnard says:

    Yes but once you got one the value drops faster than a apple from a tree. As from 6 years old the car basically becomes your furniture as you will not get it traded in on something else. I have this experience and is very disappointed. Will not recommend buying Porsche brand.

  2. Johan S says:

    Had the same experience as above blogger with 4 Porsches.
    Is it true that now when sold the guarantee of a Porsche must be bought by the new owner?

    • There are certain requirements for the maintenance plan or warranty to be transferred to a new owner when not sold through a dealership. It seems to basically comes down to a dealer having to sign that all is well with the car, which would also help the buyer regarding the CPA and voetstoots clause.

      • Johan S says:

        Are there any costs involved with this “signing” if so it looks like forcing a seller to sell through the dealer and as such paying a hefty commission.

        • That’s a good question Johan. The car would probably have to be booked for a service, in which they will hand over the signed document. So, if the car is still under motor plan, it wouldn’t cost anything I assume…

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