Find these 5 Classic Cars on Junk Mail

Junk Mail’s motoring sections is one of the biggest sections and we take a lot of pride in it too. Today I want to highlight some of the classy classic cars on Junk Mail for you.

The first one is actually not a classic but a mean 1940’s Rat Rod. Now this is what you call a real tow truck! It is equipped with a 338 Chevy Stroker and is supercharged. On top of that, it also has a turbo 700 automatic transmission.

classic cars on junk mail

This bad boy also has disc brakes and an ARB compressor for that true train air horn sound.

The selling point? It is completely roadworthy and the advertiser got the papers to prove it! Should you be interested in this piece of power, get in touch with the advertiser over here.

Second on my list is this 1984 Pontiac Trans Am.

classic cars on junk mail

Not a very detailed description of this classic car, but it has been viewed over 2000 times! It is hooked up with a roots super charger and it is in running condition and also has the papers to prove it. Click here to view the full advert.

Third on the list is one of my favourite classic cars on Junk Mail. This 1966 Buick Riviera is in such a good condition that you won’t need to spend any money on it! Can you say bargain? All the necessary paperwork is in order too. You simple need to contact the advertiser over here.

classic cars on junk mail

Fourthly I have the Ford Granada XL for you. This is a V6 automatic. Probably one of the most classic old school cars and everyone knows about them. This upcountry car is in an all-round good condition and truly a collector’s item. Get in touch with the advertiser over here.

classic cars on junk mail

Last on the list is the Porsche 914. If you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, then you should totally consider taking this very rare car. It already has a new windscreen and brake system so you won’t need a lot of money to get it back on track. Interested in it? Why not contact this advertiser.

classic cars on junk mail

There you have it! Five classic cars on Junk Mail. But don’t let these five limit you. To see what other classic cars we have, simply follow this link and make your pick of the endless possibilities.

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  1. Sagie says:

    Hi, I must say these classic cars are stunning.Please let me know which ones are for sale and their prices.

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