5 great paving ideas for a fresh home exterior

There is no better way to add personality to your home and garden than to add paving. If you are thinking of finding paving companies on Junk Mail, this blog post is for you. Outlining your different options and some great paving ideas, the team here at Junk Mail gives you some hot tips and tricks for fabulous driveway and garden paving.

Although an unexpected method of sprucing up your home, paving can add a unique and practical style to your garden and can help to make your yard and garage more easily accessible for your motor vehicle.

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You might, after looking through the online resources available to help you find the right paving solution, come to the conclusion that there are far too many paving options, some of which just don’t speak to you at all. You may know what the difference between bricks, tar and stones is, but do you know enough about the durability and the maintenance and cleaning process that goes along with each of these paving materials?

Choosing Tar Paving

This is the traditional choice for the conventional person, or Mr/Miss Practical. Tar paving is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. There is a reason why most roads are built from tar. This is because tar is relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and readily available and it holds up well to traffic.

Tar paving is also an all weather solution, but this type of paving is prone to discolouration during hot summers. Considering that your driveway will not be handling hundreds of cars travelling at 120 km/h, you will not have to put as much time and effort in maintaining your driveway as if it were a stretch of the N1, however there will be some maintenance you will have to carry out to ensure that your driveway does not lose its aesthetic value.

choosing tar paving

You may have to repaint your driveway every now and again and clean it up to ensure it looks appealing. As with all things, there are however downfalls to a tar paving, one of the biggest downfall you inherit when tarring your driveway is the rain risk, although as a tar driveway is considered an all weather driveway, rain can often result in water seeping into cracks on your driveway.

When this happens over a long period of time it can result in the appearance of potholes, uneven surfaces or sunken areas on your driveway. These damages can be very costly to repair as you will have to have a section of the driveway or the driveway as a whole redone.

There are ways to prevent this damage from occurring, one such way is to sealcoat the tar paving. In a nutshell, sealcoating is the process of adding an extra coat of protection on your paving in order to block out elements that could potentially be harmful, such as water and oils.

tar paving driveway

If you opt to go the tar paving route, it is highly recommendable that you invest in sealcoating to prevent your newly tarred pavement. This coating will also help to further beautify your pavement.

The Traditional Brick Paving

For the price conscious person looking for an alternative to tar that is arguably more visually appealing there is the option of brick paving. This, much like the tar option, is a fairly affordable alternative. Companies such as Pretoria Brickworks offer superb brick paving prices ranging from about R2,400 to just over R2,600 per 1000 bricks, the overall price you can expect to pay would obviously depend on the size of your yard, or pool area if you are simply looking for a pool paving solution, there will also be labour costs to take into consideration.

traditional brick paving

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The versatility of brick paving certainly makes this a possible solution for pool paving, garden paving and driveway paving.

In addition, depending on how newly paved your driveway is there is always the option of painting over the bricks to the colour that suits your garden. From a design perspective, brick paving gives you quite a lot of flexibility when it comes to paving designs. From interesting patterns to tradition layouts, paving bricks offer great design flexibility and opens the door to stunning paving ideas and designs.

Using Stones for Garden and Driveway Paving

For the design and appearance oriented stone paving is a solution to your paving woes. Stone paving comes in various forms, from cobblestone paving to sandstone paving and ceramic stone paving. Your options will only be limited by your budget and inclination.

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What about cobblestone paving?

Cobblestone paving is the sturdier of the stone options which helps provide a sturdy foundation for your driveway. As a general rule, this type of paving requires very little skill to set and it is very easy to employ people to set cobblestone driveways.

The great part about cobblestone is that it provides you with a water permeable driveway that is aesthetically appealing. Anyone who has been to Paris will understand that one of the most visually appealing feature about the French capital is the cobblestone roads.

choosing cobblestone paving

This is without a doubt a worthy investment for the design oriented home owner. In terms of price you can find cobblestones for sale on Junk Mail from as little as R2 per stone.

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And what about sandstone paving?

Sandstone paving is definitely another great option for people looking for a stone paving solution that is aesthetically appealing and fairly durable.

sandstone paving

Although sandstone is a mixture of mostly sand and rock, it is often used for paving material to create the ideal general outdoor paving solution. It must be said however that sandstone paving is especially ideal for pool paving and will make your pool area look amazing, giving it a modern appearance. The softness of sandstone makes it very easy to carve and design friendly as a result.

There are many options to give the exterior of your home a little beauty treatment. Whether for looks or practicality, paving is the way to go.

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5 great paving ideas for a fresh home exterior
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5 great paving ideas for a fresh home exterior
There is no better way to add personality to your home and garden than to add paving. If you are thinking of finding paving companies, this is for you.
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