Beat the Winter Blues: add warmth to your home

Add warmthWith the winter here in full swing, here is our second installment in the Beat the Winter Blues posts. This week we’ll be giving some tips on warming your house with colours and textures.

Adding warmth to a room means so much more than simply planting a heater in the room. Colour and texture are great when trying to convince the brain that the room is in fact warmer than your toes think it is.

Here are some great ideas from the experts:

Add textures and layers

Adding distressed or white-washed frames with family photos creates a lot of  extra warmth and is visually very appealing. There is absolutely no need to try and match the frame sizes or textures or colours. Having items that do not match, creates a warm and cosy feeling; perfect for a family room!

Use natural materials

If you do not like clutter and prefer understated, minimalistic surroundings, use natural materials like wood. Using reclaimed wood and wool extends the feeling even more. Choosing your curtains in nude colours also enhances the warmth of the room.

Plants and shrubbery are always good for creating warmth in any environment.

Or use colour!

Pinks, oranges, reds and browns are very warm colours and make a room instantly feel warmer. There is, however, no need to drive your husband absolutely crazy with a pink wall-to-wall dining room. All you need is to add a few items in these colours to the décor in a room to create warmth using colour!

Soften the lighting

There are not many things more romantic, and obviously warming, than soft lights instead of the harsh bright light some homes are equipped with. Make use of standing lamps or side table lamps to invite warmth into any area of your home.

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