The Apple Pencil – Apple’s own Active Stylus for the iPad

If you are up- to-date on what’s happening in the tech world then you will have surely heard about the new iPad for sale from Apple, the iPad Pro. The iPad has grown up, it’s much bigger in size and in function. The new iPad has an A9X chip that doubles memory and performance from the previous iPad models. It has a full sized keyboard with the most advanced display that Apple has ever built with 5.6 million mega pixels. If you want to read more about the iPad then click here.

The biggest advantage to owning the new iPad Pro is definitely its software. You can turn your virtual keyboard into a touch screen and perform multitasking with the split screen functionality. Overlay content like video on top of other content. Most of these features are only really usable with the Apple Pencil. This is a Stylus pen that has been specially designed to work with the new iPad for sale and is quite a feat of engineering on its own. We are going to elaborate a bit on the Stylus and explain why it’s such an amazing piece of technology.


The iPad Pro Stylus

The iPad Pro has been designed to be more than just a business aid, it’s now an artist’s and designer’s dream too. With the addition of the powerful software and the new Apple Pencil that the tablet includes, you have a medium for designing and creating anything you could possibly imagine. As the Stylus is more precise than your finger, you can use it to create stunning visual content in graphic design and photo editing.


The Stylus for iPad works by detecting position, force and tilt of the pencil in relation to the screen of the tablet and then relays that information to the device to render something like a line segment or shading. It works just like a normal pencil but you have the ability to do anything from sketching, painting a watercolor portrait or drafting a blueprint. The Pencil gives you a massive selection of tools in a single drawing instrument.

What makes this Stylus better is its latency. This is the delay from when you push the Stylus pen down on the device and the affect it has on the screen. The latency on the Apple Pencil has been whittled down to almost imperceptible levels. When you use your finger, the iPad can sense this and picks up the movements at a standard tablet speed. If you use the Pencil the iPad Pro starts scanning at 240 times per second which means the device is now using twice the data points it normally registers with your finger. These scanning points coupled with the amazing Apple software means that there is only a millisecond difference between the image you are designing and what you see on the display screen. Due to the multi-touch functionality, you can position your sketch with your fingers and draw with the Stylus so you don’t have to move your iPad.


You might think that this gadget would limit you in terms of gradient and line darkness, but the pressure sensors pick up how hard you are pressing. The more force you use, the darker and bolder the lines are. If you use very little pressure then you can create very fine lines too. The Pencil has two tilt sensors that pick up the level of your Stylus pen. Tilt your hand slightly and this allows for fine shading. Apple has made sure that the technology is not limiting so your creativity is not limited either.


Charging the Apple Pencil

At the back of the Stylus there is a magnetic cap that can be removed to reveal Apples Lightning Connector. Plug the device into the iPad Pro and you can get a full 12 hours of design bliss. The connector is so efficient that Apple guarantees 30 minutes’ worth of draw time for every 15 seconds of charge time. The guys at Apple have taken this a step further by designing the Silicon carry case to allow for the pencil to be plugged in and charging while the device is packed away. This means you can charge your Pencil even when on-the-go.


iPad Pencil Applications

The iOS 9 operating system perfectly integrates with the new Apple Pencil and you can use the Stylus with other apps from the Apple App Store. This means that not only does it have amazing functionality, but you can expect even more as people develop apps for the Pencil. As it stands, there are three apps that will be available to purchase for this new iPad for sale:


This is an annotation and sketching app that you can use to set up reminders and take notes. You can use the Pen option to doodle while you take notes and brainstorm. Sketch out diagrams or plans on-the-go or use the highlighter to draw attention to important information on your to-do list.



Messaging has become boring, why not send people hand drawn sketches or make notes by hand on documents that have been sent to you.


Paper by FiftyThree

This is a drawing app that you can use to sketch just about anything. Sketch, write, draw, outline, and color to create any design. Yu can create a chart for your presentation, or brainstorm your next big money making idea.


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