Cool things you can do with a shipping container

A shipping container can be used for a variety of purposes. From creating guesthouses and fun outdoor spaces, to building a shipping container house, there are plenty of things that you can do with these containers. Have a great idea in mind? You can find awesome shipping containers for sale on Junk Mail.

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Not only is building with shipping containers trendy, it can also help you to reduce costs and construction time. Repurposing a container to create a beautiful living space is also favoured by the environmentally conscious. Before you get started, take a look at our blog to learn more about shipping container prices as well as design suggestions and ideas.

Containers have a longer lifespan than the time period that they are used by shipping companies. This difference accounts for a huge surplus of containers that are not being used. Shipping container prices range from R 11 000 to R 80 000 depending on their size and quality. Both 6m and 12m shipping containers are available.

A Shipping Container House

Why not build a shipping container house? To build your dream home, you will need more than one container and the number of containers that you use will depend on your unique requirements. Shipping container sizes also need to be taken into account. Families will need enough containers to create rooms for each family member.

You may want to consider adding more than one bathroom for added comfort. If you are living alone, you can use a single shipping container to create a cosy living space. When it comes to building container homes it is important to make sure that you research what the regulations in your area are.

containers homes

If you want to get creative, you can even use the roof of the home to create a living garden which will filter rainwater as well as offer extra insulation. Adding bamboo contributes to its aesthetic appeal, provides insulation and protects the container.

Unique Shipping Container Guesthouse

Have you always dreamed of owning a guesthouse? Running your own guesthouse is a great way to make extra money. Now you can operate a guesthouse with a difference by finding shipping containers for sale.

Things to consider when building a guesthouse from shipping containers include insulation, ventilation and a power supply. Using solar energy for your guesthouse is a great way to be environmentally friendly and stand out from the crowd.

Make sure that you inspect the shipping containers before you buy them as you will want to provide guests with quality accommodation. Before you start setting up your container consider where you will locate it on your property. If there are areas with a good view, placing the shipping container in this spot will add to the appeal of your guesthouse. Make sure that you select a space with the least amount of wind as stronger winds can cause the container to be noisy.

guest house constructed out of shipping containers

Create a relaxing holiday home

If you live in the city and want to create a peaceful holiday home, you can use a container to make your dream come true. Add skylights to let in natural light – which will add to the relaxing ambiance of your holiday shipping container house.

Once you have finished modifying the container, you can start decorating the interior. Make sure that you use strong paint on the exterior of the container to protect it against the sun. If you like getting away from it all, build your container home in a remote location where you won’t be disturbed.

You may even want to build your holiday home in a location that is difficult to access if you have a 4×4 to reach the area. This option allows you to escape to an undisturbed location and reconnect with nature.

A Stylish Office

office space made of shipping containers

If you work from home, you can reduce distractions and increase your productivity by building your own office by using a shipping container. Make sure that you do enough research before you start building your office.

Once you have a detailed plan you can start looking for containers. Placement of windows in your office is important as you will want to let in natural light and provide enough ventilation.

Creative Art Studio

Why not use a shipping container to create an art studio? With a space to call your own, you can get creative without any distractions. Another advantage of having your own art studio is that you can organise all your art supplies and make sure that they are easily accessible.

shipping container building

Make sure that you add enough shelves and cabinets to accommodate your supplies. You will also need to create a comfortable working space. If you aren’t an avid artist, you can still use a container to create a beautiful space for crafting. Let your imagination run wild when you are decorating the interior of your very own art studio.

From container homes to creative art studios, find shipping containers for sale on Junk Mail and start building your dream space. Don’t forget to place your free ad on

Cool things you can do with a shipping container
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Cool things you can do with a shipping container
From creating guesthouses and fun outdoor spaces, to building container homes, there are plenty of things that you can do with shipping containers.
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