Farming to feed South Africa

It is reported that by the year 2035, the South African population is expected to grow to 82 million, and if we do not take advantage of the land available for farming we are going to run out of food, thus farming is vital for our survival.


Farming is the foundation of growing economies. In South Africa we are lagging behind other African countries like Nigeria, and we are not fully taking advantage of this opportunity to grow our economy. You can buy a farm and take part in insuring a healthy farming industry that can contribute to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

With so much land available and unused, we can help our country alleviate the number of people living in poverty and reduce the unemployment rate.

Where to find farms for sale in Gauteng?


The Western part of Gauteng consisting of towns like Randfontein and Carltonville, has a well-developed agricultural holding. Starting at R1.6 million you can own a 2.3 acres farm. You can use the farm for business purposes and grow fruits and vegetables that can be sold to supermarkets and create job opportunities for more people, or you can even buy the farm and make it your home and feed your family.

The problem we are faced with here in South Africa is that we do not realise the impact the farming industry can have on the country as a whole. With the economic rate dropping, a change in the farming industry can make a huge difference. It is even worse as people are not made aware of the available farms for sale in South Africa and especially in the Gauteng province.

There are farms for sale in the Heidelberg area on the East of Gauteng. You can find land up to 5 acres for R3 million and use it for various types of farming.

There are different types of farms in South Africa, crop production and mixed farming (fruits and vegetables). There are also winter rainfall and high summer rainfall areas for cattle ranching in the bushveld and sheep farming in more waterless regions.

You can also get a plot for sale in the Gauteng area for R600 000, and depending on the size of the land you can decide what you would like to do with it. There are also plots for sale for R650 000 in places like De Deur and Bapsfontein which are zoned as agricultural areas, so if you are considering farming, these are the places that you should lookout for, for affordable farms for sale.

What about game farming?



Our country has more game species than most of the countries in the world. That is why game farming has become rather popular and grown in the past years to become a vital part of our growing economy.

The areas mostly populated with game farms are the Limpopo province, the Kalahari in the Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

So whether it is game farming or farming for fruits and vegetables, farming is very important for the stability of this country’s economy. It is for the needs of the South Africans today and the ones in the future.

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