Get Ready for Mother’s Day 2013!

Mother's Day FamilyMother’s Day is coming up this week Sunday, the 12th of May 2013. Over the years this has become one of the most celebrated holidays globally. Contrary to popular belief, this age old holiday dates back to the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and is not a made-up holiday.

Let’s face it folks, your mother is the most special person in your life. Remember all the times that you’ve cried on her shoulder? Chances are that your mother is the reason that you passed matric or that you got your driver’s license. Luckily Mother’s Day is there so you can show her how much you appreciate what she’s done for you. Today I want to get you ready for Mother’s Day 2013!

Thinking about getting your mother a gift? Clueless about what to get her for Mother’s Day this year? Don’t fear! Here some Useful Gift Ideas:

  • Some moms don’t get time to relax. It’s a good idea to get her a Day Spa Voucher. Most Day Spas treat their guests like Royalty. Consider getting her an appointment at a Soulstice Day Spa (who has branches in Pretoria and Johannesburg), a Life Day Spa (who has branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg) or a La Vita Bella (who has branches in Durban).
  • If your mom likes gadgets consider getting her a digital photo frame (pre-loaded with photos of her family and other loved ones) or a Kindle reader (so she can read her favorite novels without turning a page).
  • Some moms love to cook. Consider getting her new cutlery, crockery, cookware, pans, recipe books, a hamburger press, spices, an ice cream maker, blender, flavored pop corn maker, new microwave or dishwasher or anything else that she may need in the kitchen to make her life a lot easier.
  • If your mom is on the road or travelling a lot get her some extra towels, a GPS, a new pair of sunglasses or driving glasses, a new hat or other accessories that will make her journey a bit easier for this year’s Mother’s Day.
  • If your mother loves gardening get her a new pair of gardening gloves, some new garden sheers, a new wheelbarrow or just offer to help her in the garden.

I’m pretty sure that getting your mother one of these gifts this Mother’s Day will put a smile on her face. There are many ways that you can show your mother that you appreciate her.  If you don’t want to spend lots of money on a gift, try one of these awesome Mother’s Day ideas instead:

  • Record a video featuring you and your loved ones and post it on YouTube (so that she can share it with all our friends and brag about everyone who loves her).
  • Get your design or handcrafting skills on and make her a unique Mother’s Day card. Get your whole family and all her loved ones to sign it to make it extra special.
  • Do a few things to make her day easier. Open the car door for her, help her in the kitchen, have her foot bath ready when she gets ready to watch TV, do the dishes, take out the trash, wash her car, drive her around town for a day, etc. Take some time and show her appreciation – she will love the effort that you put in.

Whatever you decide to do, release your inner child, put in some effort and show your mom that you love her this Mother’s Day. If you have any other ideas for this special holiday, feel free to share them with me and our readers – comment on this post.

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