Google’s Android TV … a great living room addition!


Google’s new Android TV is set to take on its competitors, the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV. The Android TV has software that runs straight from the user’s television into their third party set-top boxes to allow the user an interactive experience.

So what is so unique about Google’s Android TV?

The Android TV runs on an Android operating system, giving the user the ability to create an iTV (interactive television) experience covering a 10 foot UI (user interface). This means that you can sit at a 10 foot distance from your television screen, surrounded by speakers, your set-top box and still be able to enjoy a great picture and sound because of the development of the Android TV.

When purchasing the Android TV Smart TV interface, you will have access to the Google Play Store to download Android apps that can allow you to view main streaming media services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Because Google’s Android TV has a micro console for the hardcore and casual gamers out there, you can also download games through Android apps and play them on your television through the Android TV set-top box also included in the Android TV development kit.

After Google’s earlier attempt at a Smart TV, Google TV; the Android TV is expected to succeed and grow beyond the expectations of any other Smart TV.

With its built-in voice search you can search for anything on your television (via Internet connection) whether it is a document, or a video from YouTube. The Android TV will quickly find the answers to your queries. Or maybe you are looking for specific content, such as movies or games, the Android TV will keep you updated to what is new and good to watch and play.

Depending on your searches, the Android TV interface will begin to group your viewing suggestions according to your television habits. For example, if you watch action movies often, the interface will recommend recently available action movies from the Google Play store or even recommend actions movies that have just won awards.

The Android TV Smart TV interface is a great gadget to have, as it brings your Android apps and games into your living room.

As announced last week at the Google I\O 2014 Annual Developer Conference, Google will begin shipping its Android TV development kit through various consumer electronic stores like Sony and Sharp later this year.

It was also announced at the same conference that Google has partnered with television manufacturers like Sony and Phillips, which will have automatically Android TV built-in.

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