Learn to do the Diski Dance

There are 27 days to go before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Johannesburg on the 11th of June this year. Hype is building up for the tournament which promises to be one of the best FIFA World Cup tournaments in history. The Diski dance is uniquely South African and is comprised out of choreographed soccer moves. It’s set to get the world jiving to an African rhythm when the FIFA World Cup arrives on the continent for the first time in history. Many South Africans and people from all the world are learning to do this dance before the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament starts.

Remember it’s about diski (South African township lingo for “soccer”), so you should feel free to add your own moves, and create your own routines. The dance consists of the following moves:

  • Lifting the ball
  • Using your head
  • Table Mountain (making your back flat)
  • Releasing, holding and kicking the ball
  • Skipping over and passing the ball

An American, Matt Harding (who is known for his “Where the Hell is Matt?” website and who has gained fame for dancing badly over the world) has attempted doing the Diski. His videos has had more than 50 million views on the popular Video Sharing website Youtube. He posted this video of him doing the Diski dance at various locations in South Africa:

We have done many posts that cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the Junk Mail blog in recent months.

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