Let’s face it, motor bikes are cool

It is almost as though time freezes when you see a girl or guy walk into a restaurant, clutching a motor bike helmet, and you start thinking to yourself ‘wow, he or she is so cool’. The swagger of the motor biker just oozes from the way they dress, walk or even talk.

Whether you are looking for that Nicholas Cage effect from Ghost Rider or you are a bike rider looking for something new, keep reading, you are going to love what we have for you today.

The Bikes


You are not a biker if you do not have one of these. A bike is the base of what makes a biker. Yes! You are a rider, but not a complete biker unless you have the ‘cool’ status.

Honda’s XR 125l is an affordable piece of machine. Priced at an affordable amount starting from R19 000; compared to the price of cars, you will save a lot on fuel with this beautiful machine. Whether it is for the purposes of passion or practicality, the thrill of a bike ride will keep you going back for more.

Motor bikes is one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting from point A to B. You can also buy the motor cycle at second hand shops for prices below R14 000. Or if you would like something more powerful you can get yourself a Honda CBR 750 Hurricane worth R25 000 at second hand stores around the Gauteng area.


Just like its name, ‘Hurricane’ suggests, with this bike you can be like a tropical cyclone and wheel around in spiral movements.

The Fashion

You are not a complete ‘cool’ motor biker without a set of biker boots, jacket and a helmet.


Even if you are not a biker and wearing these boots, you just exude a swagger and a sense of cool. Male or female you can look as though you just left your motor bike outside and didn’t just arrive with a car, even if you did.


Then of course your ensemble would not be complete without the all-important biker jacket, which you can find at local retail stores like Truworths or Woolworths ranging between R250-750. The best thing about the biker jacket is that they pair well with just about everything-denim, skater skirts, short pants, you can just go wild.


And finally the biker helmet to complete the look… It is not just the item that will add to the “cool” factor, but is also very important for biking safety. A helmet does not only look cool, but can save your life, and all bikers understand the importance of this piece of biking gear.

So, now that you are set with this complete biker look, you are ready to join Nicholas Cage and ride like the wind.

You can get your Honda motorcycle for sale at any of the Honda stores, or second hand shops in your area at one of our nine provinces. Or you can do the most efficient way that won’t even require you to leave your driveway; you can visit the Junk Mail website under the Bikes for sale category and find the most affordable Honda motorcycles for sale.

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