Not so welcome to the E-toll, or is it?

If you live in Gauteng and drive a vehicle, or are shopping around to buy a vehicle, the E-Toll system might also be top of mind.

Many residents are frustrated because they feel they are already paying tax and higher fuel prices compared to the rest of the country to now also be slapped with extra toll fees.


All of the petitions, arguments and threatening have done nothing to stop the E-Toll system from going live.  Although there were some early adopters, it is still a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of vehicles on the roads of Gauteng.

Many people are still hoping that the E-Toll system will be scrapped, and are steadfast in their non-registering approach. However, there was allegedly such a large amount of people getting “E-Tolled” yesterday that the E-Toll website went down for a while.

There are also other issues. If the previous owner of a vehicle registered for E-Toll, sells the vehicle, the new owner has quite a mission to get proof that the vehicle now belongs to them in order to move the vehicle to their account.

A good thing is that the E-Toll is also now linked to the other Toll Gates, which means you are now able to drive through the E-Tag lane rather than physically handing over money at the gates, saving you time on the road.

We have all seen the t-shirts and placards with the words “E-Toll can suck my Toll-E” and “E-Toll se hol”, but we would like to hear your opinion on the subject.  Share your view on E-Toll with us by commenting at the bottom of the post.

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2 Responses

  1. Juanita says:

    PAYE, VAT, Income Tax, Petrol… now add E-Toll.
    Might as well buy a tent and backpack and become homeless. Would be better than seeing money I earned, doing something I would rather be doing – if I had a real choice -, going to government officials and those in Office. Only to hear how they misuse the funds. Are we really just so many sheep to them?? They live of our labour and are always grabbing more and more…. Maybe it’s time to make a stand.

  2. Juanita says:

    AMEND – doing something I’d rather not be doing – if I had a real choice –

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