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As the holiday season approaches you may be facing the tedious task of packing. Remembering everything that you need and fitting it all into your suitcase can be challenging. Your job is multiplied if you also have to help your family to pack. The first step is to find luggage bags which meet your family’s requirements. Once you know what type of suitcase you want you can start looking for suitable bags for sale. The extensive range of travelling bags which are currently available makes it easy to find one that meets your needs. Next, get out your travel checklist and decide what you want to pack. Once you know what you are taking with you it may be useful to learn more about how to pack a suitcase.


Different types of suitcases and luggage bags fit for the journey

If you are going on holiday, you will need to find the right luggage bags for sale. There are different types of travel bags for sale and the one that you choose will depend on your requirements. The type of holiday you are going on as well as the activities that you plan to do will influence your decision. You will also need to consider what items you intend to bring so that you can determine the size of the luggage that you need.


Wheeled luggage is suitable for business trips and family holidays. Their durable design is built to handle challenging conditions. Wheeled backpacks are another option. Adventurers often choose to travel with wheeled backpacks. They are also good for road trips. These bags offer both mobility and convenience.


Regular backpacks are suitable for holidays where you will face terrain that does not accommodate wheeled bags. This can include gravel and uneven surfaces. Day packs can come in handy on your flight as well as when you are on holiday. These smaller bags allow you to keep essential items with you so that they are easy to access. You may also want to find carry-on bags for sale. Once you have decided on the most suitable type of luggage, you will need to choose a model.


The best way to make a decision is to look at the features of each bag. Check how many storage compartments the bag has and whether it has compression straps. A removable daypack and expandable pack bag are other helpful features that you can look out for. Once of the latest types of suitcases that you can get is coded luggage. With a coded lock built-in to the suitcase it is easy to keep your luggage secure.


Tips on how to pack a suitcase

If you pack your suitcase properly, you can save a lot of space. Here are some tips on how to pack a suitcase. The first step is to decide what you want to pack. Pick the clothes that you want to take with you and then re-evaluate your decision to make sure that you have not included unnecessary items. It is advisable to include more tops than bottoms. Usually you will need a clean top for each day of your holiday.


Another great tip when it comes to packing your traveling bags, is to pack clothing that does not wrinkle easily. Wool and cotton are both a good choice. To make the best use of space roll up your soft garments such as jeans and underwear. If you are packing garments that wrinkle easily it is better to fold them. The garments that you have rolled up should be placed in your bag first. Next you should pack the folded clothes.


At the top of your suitcases place the essential items that you will need to use first. A helpful suggestion is to separate each layer of clothing with a plastic bag to reduce wrinkles. This strategy also makes it easier to access each layer of your clothing.

Shoes take up the largest space in your luggage bags and therefore you should not include more than three pairs in your suitcase. You can wear the bulkiest pair and pack the remaining two pairs. You can make the most of your suitcase size by filling the shoes with electronics or other items.


When it comes to packing your beauty products choose travel size bottles. You can also pick products that have more than one function. It is best to keep valuable items to a minimum but if you need to take a few pieces of expensive jewellery it is better to wear it.

Creating a Travel Checklist and deciding on what to pack

When you are deciding what to pack, there are many different factors that you need to consider, so creating a travel checklist in regards to what you will need during your holiday, is a great idea. What goes into your suitcase will depend on the weather at your holiday destination. Your packing list will also be affected by the activities that you plan to do while you are away. The length of your stay and the laundry facilities that are available will also influence your decision. Take a look at this list of general items that you should consider including.


• Comfortable shoes
• Shorts/skirts
• Pants
• Swimsuit
• Underwear
• Socks
• T-shirts
• Jersey
• Sleepwear
• Toiletries
• Hairbrush
• Medicine
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Money
• Travel Documents


Suitcases and bags for sale on Junk Mail

If you are looking for bags for sale, here are some options on Junk Mail to get you started.

Travelmate Luggage for Sale

You can find a 69cm bag for sale in Gauteng. This item is priced at R 1000. It is easy to use and the combination lock offers extra security. An advantage of this suitcase is that it is made from durable polyprop material.


Samsonite Suitcase

A Samsonite suitcase is for sale with a price tag of R 200. It is in excellent condition and has been imported from Canada.


Looking for the ultimate suitcases and bags for sale? Junk Mail offers great bargains, so why not browse through the available luggage bags listed online. Find what you need when you need it. Upgrading your collection of travelling bags? Sell your used luggage on fast by placing your FREE AD now.


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