Video Camera or Action Camera? What you should buy…

Whether you are looking for an action camera or a video camera for sale on Junk Mail, there are plenty of options to choose from in South Africa. Both the GoPro and the Volkano action camera are good options. You can even opt for a top quality Panasonic or Canon video camera.

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Video Camera vs Action Camera

Firstly, you may be wondering what the difference between an action and a video camera actually is.

Action cameras are smaller, simpler and more durable than video cameras. Action cameras allow you to capture life from a different perspective. Unlike a video camera, an action type camera can be attached to helmets, surfboards and even vehicles.

Their lens produces high-definition, point-of-view footage and the nature of this footage has made action cameras a popular choice when capturing images of extreme sports.

TV companies use action cameras in situations where a traditional camera would not be able to capture the footage that they need. At the forefront of this sector is the GoPro camera. The distinctive design of these cameras and their reliable performance add to their appeal.

gopro camera

The Gopro Hero is a well-known GoPro action camera which has a box shape design. Another option is the iON Air Pro which has a bullet style design. Whether you decide to find a video camera for sale or an action camera will depend on the footage you want to film.

If you want to record footage while you are skydiving or surfing then an action camera is a good choice.

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The functionality of an action camera vs a video camera

Designed with convenience in mind action cameras come with less features than video cameras. Typically action cameras will have only three buttons with a small LCD screen that displays essential information.

While a video camera typically has a screen where you can view your frame, action type cameras generally don’t. Video cameras usually offer a selection of lenses while action cameras have a fixed wide-angle lens. The focal length for action cameras ranges between 17 mm and 20 mm and the action type cameras generally have a protective covering which keeps them safe from the elements and is waterproof in some cases.

hd camera

Action cameras are available that can withstand extreme environment conditions that regular video cameras can’t handle. They also come with different mounting options so that hands-free operation is possible.

High quality action and video cameras to choose from

In the market for an action or video camera for sale? Here are some options available in South Africa to help get you started:

A Canon Video Camera

If you are looking for a Canon video camera, the Legria HF-R706 is an excellent option. This video camera price is reasonable at R 3 799 and it is easy to use.

Highlights of this video camera includes its intelligent 7.5 cm touchscreen controls and its compact design. The Legria HF-706 makes it easy to record your special moments and share them with your loved ones. By recording your videos to the FlashAir card, it is simple to share them using WiFi. Equipped with innovative technology, these cameras produce high quality video. This HD video camera boasts a 57x Advanced Zoom lens as well as Zoom Framing Assist.

canon video camera

Image Source: Canon South Africa Website.

Another note-worthy feature is its Intelligent IS which reduces the effects of movement and blur. Not only is the footage captured by these cameras of a high quality, the audio quality is excellent too. Audio Scene Select automatically chooses the best audio settings according to the footage.

You can add a creative flair to your videos with slow and fast motion recording as well as Cinema-Look filters. Touch Decoration allows you to choose effects for your movie. The Legria HF-R706 has a CMOS sensor with an optical sensor size of 25.4/4.85 mm. It has 3.28 total megapixels with effective megapixles of 2.07 for images and effective megapixels of 2.07 for movies. It has 1140x digital zoom with an optical image stabilizer.

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A GoPro Camera

If you are looking for an action camera, the GoPro Hero 4 Adventure is a great buy. This camera allows you to record footage from a unique perspective. A highlight of this camera is its built-in touch display that makes it easy to control the camera. This convenient feature allows you to playback footage and change the settings.

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The GoPro Hero 4 combines pro-quality footage with the advantage of a touch display. This camera offers 1080p60 and 720p120 video as well as 12MP photos at an impressive 30 frames every second. This camera features HD technology. It has WiFi as well as USB connectivity and is equipped with a wide-angle lens. The price for this model is around R 6 999.

If you are looking for an action or a video camera for sale, Junk Mail is most definitely the place to shop. With affordable prices and great deals listed online, shopping is easy!

Video Camera or Action Camera? What you should buy…
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Video Camera or Action Camera? What you should buy…
Whether you are looking for an action camera or a video camera for sale on Junk Mail, there are plenty of options to choose from in South Africa.
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