First App-run hotel opens in Chicago

Virgin Hotel ChicagoThe world and our lives are fast becoming completely managed using technology and apps. Technology, and everything associated with it, is designed to make our very busy lives easier and better as well as assist us in becoming smarter about everything around us.

It was thus only a matter of time before our human interaction in businesses became almost zero. In light of making the experience so much better for everyone and in the process making it extremely cost effective, Virgin Group opened its first App-run hotel in Chicago.

The hotel has no formal check-in desk and the rooms are all powered almost exclusively by the Hotel’s app ensures quicker service and lower costs. Other perks at this Hotel include free wifi, no check-in fees and room service at no additional fees.

So, if you are an avid traveller and planning a trip to the Americas any time soon, make sure to visit the Virgin Hotels Chicago for about R2 450 per night.

If you’re planning on travelling locally, you can find any type of accommodation on Junk Mail. Hotel, Bed and Breakfast and Guest House owners can also advertise their businesses here for great response.


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