Watch out for Transport Scams

Scam WarningA new scam has been sticking out it’s ugly head on Junk Mail and other classifieds websites over the last few weeks. This transport scam requires users to pay a deposit for transport services that they never receive.

This transport scam advert (which was placed via the Junk Mail Xchange platform on mXIT) reads as follows:

THE ORIENT XPRESS SHUTTLES&TOURS in CAPE TOWN [REGISTERED WITH S.A.DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT&DRIVERS ALL HAVE THEIR PDP’s] – We have 10 Licenced Quantams&Registered Drivers offering Door2Door LIFT CLUBS from ur home in DURBANVILLE to ur workplace in EPPING2&back again daily 4 R400pm per person&we have 3 seats left 4 ur route so u need 2make a booking & R200 deposit 2 secure a seat 4urself b4 we are fully booked.(Balance of R200 u pay on ur 1st day of pick up or Month End) CONTACT HELEN 4 ALL UR BOOKINGS ON 0761258644. ¤GODS RICHEST BLESSINGS¤

Please Note: This scammer is attempting to defraud users who are desperate for cheap transport services. At face value this sounds legit, but it may be leaning towards being something that could be too good to be true. R200 is not a lot of money, but think about it this way: if he / she defrauds 10 people out of R200 that’s R2000 that people have paid for services they have not received.

Also note that these persons like changing their contact telephone numbers and the regions where the supposed transport business operates, so be aware and on the lookout for this transport scam. Don’t get caught by this scam! Remember: Be Smart, Be Savvy, Be Safe!

If you have been a victim of this scam or if you come across another transport scam or any other fraudulent activity on the Junk Mail website or whilst you are using Junk Mail Xchange on mXit, please contact our Customer Care Department. You can reach them via e-mail at or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours).

For more scam warnings, visit the Junk Mail Blog regularly for updates or check out the Junk Mail Safety and Security page.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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13 Responses

  1. Munyai says:

    He start to posting again, ads placed via mobile with 1 picture !!!!

  2. R Landsberg says:

    This one is still alive and well – contatcted me this morning in response to ad i placed yesterday 19.02.2015…first response contained same cell number 0761258644. I tried calling it – got voice-mail. I then e-mailed “Bernadette Everleigh” who promptly e-mailed back asking me to contact “her” on 0818792844. I did. She sounded incoherent, skittish, sent me a picture of an old minibus taxi and the Dept of Transport logo to legitimise “herself”…also stressed only two seats left and going like hot-cakes thus i must do a deposit urgently via FNB e-wallet to “her” personal cell number. Do these people think we are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sangita singh says:

    received a reply to my transport need ad from Salvadores transport and lift club. the said they have 16 registered vehicles and charge only 500 a month. they asked for a R250 deposit to book my seat. if its too good to be true it usually is!

  4. Sam says:

    These people still going strong, got a mail from them just today. I reside in Cape town.

    “company name: harper brothers carpool&shuttle servicescc in bloubergstrand. (company bookings: pamela harper or andrew harper on 0818792844 or email – travelling fee: r500per month per person of which u need 2pay a r250deposit a.s.a.p. now 2secure a seat. deion: we are a registered transport company with the s.a.department of transport&we offer affordable,safe&reliable door2door lift clubs from ur pick up address at home in table view 2ur drop off address at work in century city&back again on a daily basis and we operate on a 1st come 1st serve basis with competent drivers all registered with pdps driving licenced toyota quantams. we only have 3seats available 4ur route, so u need 2 secure a seat 4urself by making a booking&payment of r250 deposit a.s.a.p. b4 we are fully booked!! people are securing there places&the seats are going fast! ¤may the lord bless thee with an abundant life filled with his richest blessings,now&4 eternity..¤”

    Thank goodness i got suspicious and did some investigating of my own.

  5. Hestr says:

    Pamela Harper 0818792844 still conning people, nearly conned me today 16 May! Same story?

  6. Tumisho says:

    I like de advise it gives me more carrying I have find 2004 double cap Toyota when I imail they telling dat I HV to deposit de money via mottofinn cause de owner is England I didn’t understand till now I’m not filling safe about it

    • Hi Tumisho,

      Please note Motofinn is in no way associated to this scam, and requesting a deposit for something before the potential buyer has seen it, is a scam. Please do not pay any monies before seeing the vehicle or item.

      Please forward the email you received from the ‘seller’ to


  7. Bridgitte says:

    Hi All,

    Just received an email from Tracy-Lee Thompson @ 0818792844 or saying they have only 3 seats left. Luckily I decided to Google further and discovered that it is a scam. Thanks for the thumps up.

  8. Ian van der Valk says:

    My son was scammed out of R500 yesterday by a Charnay Williams for a ”lift club”” from Hillcrest to Westville. All seemed a bit good to be true but being trusting people we fell for it. Her number is 0761998109.

  9. Rafiqua says:

    Good day, almost got scammed by the same people. They are now Platinum tours and use 072 079 1581. This time they contacted me after seeing my advert on gumtree. I was suspicious when they kept pestering me for R250.

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