Water tanks an eco-friendly solution to shortage in SA

When you drive through South Africa, you would have probably seen water tanks dotted around the country. These are precautionary measures put in place as we are staring a possible major water shortage in the face. As of August 2014, more than half of South Africans were already using more water than what can be supplied. 98 percent of our water resources are already being used up. It has been estimated that a massive 37% of our drinking water is being lost through neglect. Things like dripping taps and leaking pipes are creating a bit problem for South Africa. One way to make sure you have water in the years to come, is to find yourself water tanks for sale. The green JoJo tanks, that you are probably familiar with, are a great way to conserve water and reduce your water costs.


South Africa is already a very dry place. We have three times more evaporation levels than our annual rainfall which makes us the 30th driest country in the world. If you couple this with the fact that South Africans use a lot more water, on average, than the rest of the world (235 litres of water each day compared to the international average of 173 litres). You can probably see why water is such a scarce resource in South Africa.


So what’s the best way to combat this water shortage problem in South Africa? The answer is using water tanks to capture rainwater. Rainwater is clean and more than capable of providing us with an alternative water source. Making use of rainwater harvesting will result in a reduction in water usage and much higher water reserves. It will also take the strain off of the government’s water supply systems and allow rural areas to have a clean water supply. Not to mention that rainwater is an absolutely FREE water resource. It will lessen your environmental footprint and reduce your water costs.


Buying water tanks

Using water tanks for non-drinking purposes can make a big difference in South Africa’s water problem, and some of the best tanks around are manufactured by JoJo. JoJo tanks for sale are the only water tanks that come with an eight year warranty. They only use high quality, food grade raw materials that are UV corrosion and chemically resistant. All of their tanks are also lined with a special algae resistant lining that inhibits dangerous algae from growing on the inside of the tank. The tanks are made from polyethylene so they are light and easy to transport or install. To top it all off, JoJo tanks can be repaired with a special plastic welding gun, so even if something does happen to your tank. It’s easily fixed.


A water tank can be stored almost anywhere. This is mainly due to the fact that JoJo tanks for sale come in a multitude of different sizes and shapes. They manufacture vertical tanks which are the ones you see on roof tops. They also make underground tanks for people that don’t want the tanks to obstruct their view. JoJo also manufactures low profile tanks if height is a problem.


How much do JoJo tanks cost?

A JoJo tank’s price will vary greatly depending on the size of the unit. You can expect to pay anything from R2249 for a 2500 Liter tank, to R12000 for a 15000 liter water tank.

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