5 of the World’s most Expensive Aircraft

When it comes to the most expensive private jets in the world, the rich and famous know how to travel in style. From Saudi princes to well-known celebrities, the owners of these private jets have forked out millions. There are a variety of price brackets for aircraft for sale but these models are among the most exclusive.


1. Airbus A380

The ultimate luxurious private jet is the Airbus A380. Costing approximately R 3000,000,000, this Airbus belongs to Al-Waleed bin Talal who is a Saudi Prince. In addition to the cost of purchasing the private jet over R 2000,000,000 was spent on interior decorations. The eye-catching interior is decorated with gold. Another jaw dropping addition to the jet is its elevator.


2. Boeing 747-8 VIP

For those who are accustomed to decadence and excess, the Boeing 747-8VIP meets the mark. The luxurious aircraft has the appearance of a palace. Catering to the every whim of its passengers the Boeing 747-8VIP allows some of the world’s wealthiest inhabitants to travel to global destinations. At almost R 200,000,000, this model is one of the world’s most expensive aircrafts.


3. The Boeing 757

With an exorbitant price tag of over R1000,000,000, the Boeing 757 belongs to Donald Trump. Although Boeing 757s are typically used for commercial flights, the successful businessman bought the Boeing from Paul Allen for his private use.


4. The Airbus ACJ319

For jet setters who are looking for sophistication, the Airbus is a great choice. With features that can be customised to suit its guests, the Airbus is designed to meet the needs of its passengers. The luxurious en-suite bedroom is an attractive feature of this model. Valued at R 900,000,000, the Airbus carries its wealthy guests to vibrant cities across the globe.


5. The Bombardier Global

At close to R800,000,000 the Bombardier Global is an exclusive private jet suitable for flying celebrities across the globe. The Bombardier Global is noted for being more environmentally friendly than other models. With a competitive fuel consumption and relatively low emissions, it is the greenest private jet in its category.


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