DIY: July gardening is not so crazy!

While many people believe that nothing can be done to a garden in winter months due to the cold, this is not the case. July Gardening can be beneficial!Winter vegetable Garden

Winter is the opportune time to start planning your garden and making sure all the plants are ready to embrace the looming spring season! Birds will again flock to your garden, serenading a warm spring morning wake-up call. On that note, remember to regularly fill the bird bath and seed houses for your garden visitors!

Here are a few tips for winter gardening in South Africa:

Prune, prune and prune!

Make sure all your fruit trees, roses and shrubs are nicely trimmed before they start sprouting. July is the perfect month to do just that.

To become Mr Greenfinger himself, make sure that you return all your trimmings to mother nature in your DIY compost heap!

Do a transplant, save a life!

Many plants are classified as ‘dormant’ during July, meaning they can easily be transplanted to other sections of the garden without doing too much damage to their self-esteem!

Harvest your edibles!

Remember the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted? Winter is the perfect time to harvest your edibles and use them in hearty stews! Vegetables usually do not require a lot of attention and are very thankful for earning a spot in your garden. You’ll save money and stay warm at the same time! If you haven’t started your vegetable garden yet, take a quick drive to your nearest gardening centre for beautiful and colourful winter planning! Next year this time, you’ll be a proper gardener and save money! Remember to teach your pets to also respect the garden or close it off by recycling some wood from somewhere!

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